Odorless, colorless and tasteless. How sexy?

Sexy water


Think about a snorkeling in Bonito, Brazil, with abundant fresh water, imaculately clean. Or think about a necely refreshing waterfall on a hot summer day. The images that hit our imagination are so many that thinking about attractive water becomes such a simple task.

All the same, for those of us who work with water related matters, it is not that simple to deliver our messages and images to the public. Even with the water crisis that hit the planet and make people more aware and receptive, we are not able to pass along messages on how we should think the sustainable use of water. There´s an immense difficulty to tell our technical information and it is our obligation as professional to make them easier to digest. Up to now, our messages were kept odorless, colorless and tasteless. Not sexy to raise the interest to the public at large.

From now on I will start to publish not only texts of interest to the professionals of water, as it is being my career brand, but texts of general interest as well, on an attempt  to reach a broader audience and with it keep a renewed interest in water related matters, which is the major part of what we water professionals produce and deliver as a result of our work and dedication.

And how could we help the increase and improvement of water divulgation? The beginning is very simple and do not require a big personnal effort. Just share the messages about water on your social network pages like facebook, linkedin etc. Please, click like on your colleagues news about water or on any water related theme. And pass this information on to your friends and colleagues that work with water or that are just concerned or like the theme. Make this initiative a good habit. Conscientization will eventually come true. 

Odorless, colorless and tasteless? Yes, but sexy and very enjoyable.